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    Sebastian Spreng



    by James Cubby on April 11, 2011


    Artist Sebastian Spreng, Salad Bar Series

    Name: Sebastian Spreng


    City: Miami


    Birthplace: Argentina, Pampas


    Artistic Medium: Painting


    How did you get started? I started as a kid painting the immensity of the Argentinean Pampas, a flat and vast landscape where the soul should fly; soar…because if not the remoteness of this terrain can bore even the most rural-bound. I am a self-taught artist, a good school for me. From then on, I’ve worked every day for the last 40 years, what you do most you get better at it. I paint. At seventeen I had my first show, it was a good start: great reviews and sold out at opening night.


    Who or what are your influences? What inspires your work? Too many and diverse to list. From classical music to just silence and the music within that silence. From the brightest colors to the darkness and the light within that darkness. Great people and great artists are sources of inspiration always: Klee, Rothko, Bach, Borges, Whitman, each one in its own right and discipline inspire me, sometimes it is just an image or a sound or a word or a poem. The secret is to be always alert and read between lines. There is inspiration in nature as is in art, we just need to learn how to see and appreciate.


    How does Miami/South Florida influence your work? Miami changed my approach to painting. The light is brutal, I had to adapt first, there was simply too much light. It took me years. I used to paint the ocean from the distance; now I was experiencing it. And that’s how the swimmers series was born; it kept me busy during my first Miami years. The swimmers are all gone now but the ocean still is and always will be a constant presence in my work. Miami is becoming a real city, I see Miami as a rebellious teenager with ups and downs and existential crises. It’s fascinating to watch and to be part of the process. I love it, well, most of the time…Teenagers are not easy to deal with.


    salad bar


    How would you describe your work? My work includes landscapes, inner landscapes, and abstractions. I play with sizes and colors, chasing colors and vibrances, chasing a place that inhabits us and where we all can identify ourselves. As in my latest series SALAD BAR, a “smorgasbord” of 250 small (5 x 5, 6 x 6, 8 x 8) paintings creating moods and feelings; evoking a sense of calm and excitement. This new installation and its different alignments allow for countless possibilities or combinations.


    What has been the most unusual reaction to your work from the public? When I was 18, audiences imagined me as an old big man. I was the opposite.


    What would you like to achieve as an artist? To share my world with people, they can accept it or not, my task is to share what I have, my images, and my universe. I hope they can appreciate that and my efforts.


    Upcoming shows:


    Kelley Roy Gallery, Wynwood. May-June 2011.


    Santa Fe (New Mexico)




    Where is your work available? Kelley Roy Gallery in the Wynwood Art District and on websites like Artnet.

    Kelley Roy Gallery


    50 NE 29TH ST. MIAMI


    salad bar #2


    Oil on Canvas, 5 x 5, from the Salad Bar series, 2010



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