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  • Sebastian Spreng at Menlo

    Sebastian Spreng at Menlo

    Sebastian Spreng at Menlo- Summer 2013   Music@Menlo’s 2013 Visual Artist Sebastian Spreng reflects on some of his paintings that are displayed in Stent Hall during the summer festival season

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  • Miami Artist Sebastian Spreng Amazing Multi-Tasker

    Miami Artist Sebastian Spreng Amazing Multi-Tasker

      Miami Artist Sebastian Spreng Amazing Multi-Tasker   Posted on December 21, 2011 by elisa.turner| Leave a comment | Subscribe to RSS Miami Artist Sebastian Spreng Amazing Multi-Tasker     I started this blog entry in Sept. 9, 2011, and actually now today is December 20, 2011.Sebastian Spreng is not only an accomplished artist but […]

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  • Sebastian Spreng –

    Sebastian Spreng –

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  • ARTNews September 2011 Review

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  • Cuisine & Vins presents Salad Bar

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    In the case of Sebastian Spreng, a single landscape is rendered ad infinitum: the interior of a poetic imagination that gives rise to rivers, seas, ships enveloped in mist, hazy mountains and woods, moons and thresholds of architectures that are spatial-temporal vortices where the modes of creation converge.

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  • Complot Magazine Sebastian Spreng Salad Bar

    Complot Magazine Sebastian Spreng Salad Bar

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  • Strokes for Notes

    Strokes for Notes.
    An arts crossover with the Miami Music Project.

    The Goal: Get 100 instruments into the hands of 100 children.

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  • Sebastian Spreng: Salad Bar

    “Salad Bar” is a playful invitation into a philosophical introspection about our role in the world, our motivations, dreams, and endeavors. Moreover, it is above all a call for conciliation with nature, art, and ourselves. Bon appétit…”

    Janet Batet

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  • Sebastian Spreng Moves Forward in Life and Art

    “…Spreng is a cultivated sort, and his work has a gentle quality reflective of the 19th century, when visual art, music and poetry were combining to produce big, earnest art with ennobling ambitions for educated patrons. Music is always part of the equation in Spreng’s world…”

    Tom Austin

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  • Sebastian Spreng and the Inner Landscape

    Sebastian Spreng and the Inner Landscape

      Artes y Letras Sebastian Spreng and the Inner Landscape   ADRIANA HERRERA el Nuevo Herald The Spanish term paisaje does not apply to Sebastian Spreng, neither the English one for landscape nor the German Landschaft; none of these apply to that unique image he has painted countless times in works depicting diffused misty mountains, […]

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  • Sebastian Spreng y el paisaje interior

    Sebastián Spreng salta las clasificaciones impunemente porque su obra encarna un verso de Borges: “El arte es esa Itaca de verde eternidad; no de prodigios”.•

    Adriana Herrera

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  • Sebastian Spreng’s Lively Produce

    “…the overall impression here is bright, resembling a tapestry from a distance, the wide range of colors meshing, the individual portraits receding, merging into a whole, becoming an installation. Indeed, stand back and it has the garden feel that the title suggests, that of a fresh salad…. The 250 mostly small oil paintings that make up Sebastian Spreng‘s exhibit are exquisite….”
    Anne Tschida

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  • Complot Magazine April 2011 Review

    Complot Magazine April 2011 Review

    Óleos primaverales El pintor Sebastian Spreng ha anunciando la presentación de su nueva serie, que consta de una instalación compuesta por 250 óleos sobre telas de 5×5, 6×6 y 8×8, y que podrá verse desde el 12 de mayo hasta el 11 de junio 8 Apr 2011 | Cultura La flamante serie Salad Bar fue […]

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  • Sebastian Named One of Miami’s 100

    Sebastian Named One of Miami’s 100

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    Artist Spotlight | Sebastian Spreng |   Sebastian Spreng Painter   by James Cubby on April 11, 2011   Name: Sebastian Spreng   City: Miami   Birthplace: Argentina, Pampas   Artistic Medium: Painting   How did you get started? I started as a kid painting the immensity of the Argentinean Pampas, a flat and […]

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  • Gotta Have Art

    Gotta Have Art

    “Gotta Have Art” excerpt featuring Sebastian Spreng

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    Read Sebastian Spreng’s riveting personal reviews on Miami Clasica

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  • ArtNexus No. 50 review

    Sebastián Spreng Author: Carol Damian ArtNexus No. 50 – Sep 2003 The painting titled Keeping Distances (An American Portrait), 2003, sets the stage for these new works by Argentine painter Sebastian Spreng. It also may be considered an introduction to new directions for an artist well known for his solitary swimmers, isolated landscapes, and water […]

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  • The Strength of Dreams

    Sebastián Spreng The strength of dreams by Lilia Fontana Sebastian Spreng is a man of many paradoxes. He is a minimalist at heart, but he combines the feeling of isolation of an Edward Hopper painting with the Color Field technique of a Mark Rothko. The result is a mixture of components creating an original Spreng. […]

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  • The Americas Collection

    Sebastían Spreng The Americas Collection Miami, Florida Author: Carol Damian ArtNexus No. 36 – May 2000 Sebastian Spreng has always looked to the serene beauty of nature with her tropical landscapes and azure blue seas, as his inspiration. In this exhibition of recent works, his romantic response to land, sea and sky is enhanced by […]

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  • Sebastián Spreng

    Sebastián Spreng Atlanta, Georgia Author: Florencia Bazzano-Nelson ArtNexus No. 42 – Nov 2002 The protagonist of Witness, Sebastian Spreng’s exhibition in Atlanta, is the tree. Firmly anchored on a horizon that breathes between two infinite and solitary planes, these lonely trees, distilled to their bare minimum, are witnesses to the passage of time. In Spreng’s […]

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